The brightest stars of Renewable Materials meet in Siegburg/Cologne (Germany), 11-13 June 2024

The Number One Meeting Point for Global Leaders in Industry, Academia and Policy – first 40 speakers announced, deadline for submissions for the innovation award is 28 February 2024

The Renewable Materials Conference (RMC) in Siegburg/Cologne (Germany) is the world’s largest conference on chemicals and materials based on biomass, CCU or chemical recycling – the only alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials. The unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark. It covers the entire value chain from alternative carbon feedstocks, the chemical industry, the materials sector, product manufacturers to brand owners and investors. Nearly 500 participants from 32 countries attended the last conference, 90% from industry. 80 presentations, 14 panel discussions and 10 workshops will give you the latest updates on technologies, policies and markets. The perfect place to network and partner along the entire value chain of the new renewable carbon economy.

Key points:

  • After just three years, the Renewable Materials Conference (RMC) has established itself as one of the world’s leading events.
  • In June 2024, more than 500 delegates and 30 premium exhibitors are expected in Siegburg, near Cologne (Germany). Centrally located in western Germany and only a few hours from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Siegburg is easy to reach for international participants.
  • Innovation Award “Renewable Material of the Year 2024” voted for by the audience.
  • There is a large car park nearby and good connections to Brussels, Frankfurt, Cologne and Düsseldorf airports via the German high-speed rail network.
  • Below you will find information on sponsoring, exhibition, dedicated workshop spaces to showcase your company and innovation.
  • Don’t miss out on a comprehensive presence at this unique and highly sought-after event.

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Innovation Award “Renewable Material of the Year 2024”: Call for innovations!

Want to present your innovations at the conference? You are welcome to present your latest product and process innovations.

Deadline for submission: 28 February 2024. Submit your innovation now!

Preliminary Program of the Renewable Materials Conference … First 39 Selected Speakers

Policy & Markets

  • Hans Rovers, New Normal Consulting (CH): The Future of the European Petrochemical Industry
  • Martin Clemesha, Braskem Netherlands (NL): The Need of Harmonized Policies for Biofuels and Biomaterials
  • Christopher vom Berg, nova-Institute / RCI (DE): Work and Impact of the Renewable Carbon Initiative

Circular Economy

  • Reinhold Lang, Johannes Kepler University Linz / Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing (AT): Perspectives for an ‘All-Circular’ Plastics & Carbon Economy  – CO2 as ‘Renewable’ Feedstock & ‘New’ Industrial Commodity
  • Dominik Mueller, UPM Biorefining (DE/FI): Working Towards a Net Zero Circular Economy for the Fashion and Sporting Goods Industry
  • Ivana Krkljus, BASF (DE): How to Enable Business and Climate Benefits While Going Circular?
  • Patrick Glöckner, Evonik Operations (DE): Collaboration now! Towards a Circular Economy

Building Blocks & Polymers

Bio-based World

  • Doris De Guzman, Green D Market Analytics (US): Renewable Chemicals 2024: Bio-Manufacturing Build-Up
  • Robert Lazeroms, Royal Cosun (NL): Galactaric Acid as a Platform Molecule Based on Sugar Beet Pulp
  • Andreas Kohl, Verbio Vereinigte Bioenergie (DE): How Can Existing Renewable Streams of Molecules be Utilized by the Chemical Industry? Existing Biorefineries and Their Extension – An Update on the VerbioChem Project
  • Lars Knutstad, Genomatica (US): Geno BDO – Market Conditions Strengthen Low Carbon Technologies
  • Thomas Vössing, Covestro (DE): Bio-based Aniline: Scale-up of a Sustainable Innovative Route to a Strategic Raw Material
  • Joris Vermunt, Corbion (NL): Lactic Acid Solutions for a More Sustainable Future
  • Daniel Zehm, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP (DE): Next Generation Bio-Based Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers Based on FDCA

Bio-based China

  • Ann Zhang, nova-Institute (CN/DE): The Progress and Insights of China’s Bio-based Polymer Market 
  • Bernhard Urwyler, Zhejiang Sugar Energy Technology & Urwyler ChemPro (CN): What Can we Learn from China to Accelerate the Industrialisation of Bio-based Building Blocks?
  • John Zhang, Zhongke Guosheng Technology (CN): Market Applications of Bio-Based Furan Materials

CCU World

  • Liz Manning, Econic Technologies (UK): From Car Seats to Cleaning Products: Key Learnings From commercialisation of a CO2 Utilisation Technology 
  • Alastair Sanderson, Unilever (UK): Flue2Chem: is CCU working?

Consumer, Brand view and certificates

  • Philippe Dewolfs, TÜV Austria (BE): Launch of the OK Renewable Carbon Share Certification Scheme 
  • Erica Ording, FrieslandCampina (NL): A Brand Owner’s Perspective: Barriers & Opportunities for Bio-Based Materials 
  • Patrick Van Waes, CovationBio|PDO (BE/US): Consumer Acceptance of Bio-based Materials is key to the Shift to a Circular Bioeconomy. A USA Footwear Consumer Research Case Provides More Insights

Fine Chemicals & Functional Applications

  • Erwin Honcoop, Cargill Bioindustrial (NL): Bio-Based Solutions for High-Performance Coatings and Adhesives
  • Adrian Brandt, Henkel (DE): Progress and Challenges on the Transition Toward Renewable Carbon at Henkel Adhesive Technologies
  • Saugata Nad, Dow (BE/US): Defining Future of Cleaning in Home Care- New Surfactants Enabling Lower Carbon Footprint of Cleaning Products
  • Christian Lenges, IFF (US): Sustainable Solutions that Transform Consumers’ Lives and Experiences: Material Innovation, Designed Enzymatic Biomaterials Examples
  • Thomas Lüder, Beckers-Group (DE): Sustainable Raw Materials for the Coatings Industry – Opportunities from Segregated Supply Chains Versus Mass Balancing

Mechanical, Physical and Chemical Recycling 

  • Constance Ißbrücker, DIN CERTCO (DE): A Certifier’s Perspective on Material Recyclability
  • Dimitri Daniels, GreenDot (DE): Advanced Recycling of Mixed Plastic Waste: the Future Lies in Intelligent Combination of Processes
  • Valentijn de Neve, BlueAlp Production (NL): Accelerating Plastic Recycling
  • Matthias Wilhelm, Lober (DE): Alternative Waste Streams – Tackling Unused Waste Streams by Dissolution Recycling and Dedicated Sorting
  • Florian Riedl, APK (DE): Decolorised LDPE Recyclates from Post-Consumer Household Waste via the Solvent-Based Newcycling Technology
  • Mathias Kirstein, RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik (DE): Meeting Product Quality and Sustainability Targets in PET/Polyester Applications Using Back-to-Monomer Recycling
  • Niels Jan Schenk, BioBTX (NL): Chemical Recycling of Hard to Recycle Mixed Waste Plastics
  • Roy Visser, Avantium Renewable Polymers (NL): Recycling Opportunities for PEF

Sustainability & Carbon Footprint

  • Daniel Bochnitschek, AllocNow (DE): Transparency at Scale: Automating Lifecycle Assessments in the Chemical Industry
  • Pauline Ruiz, nova-Institute & Peter Greven (DE): Bio-Based Oleochemicals Used as Lubricant Additives – Renewable Counterparts to Fossil-based Products and Comparative LCA
  • Jan Harm Urbanus, TNO (NL): Pathways to sustainable plastics – A Comparative Analysis of Bio- and CO2-based Feedstocks for Virgin Sustainable Plastics Production in Function of Application

Biodegradable Solutions

  • Andreas Künkel, BASF (DE): Polymer Biodegradability 2.0: A Holistic View on Polymer Biodegradation in Natural and Engineered Environments

Call for Posters

Want to present a poster at the conference? You are welcome to present your latest products, technologies or developments. Deadline for submission: 12 April 2024
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Sponsoring Opportunities and more – exhibition and workshop rooms

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