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In recent years, consumers have been confronted by producers and retailers with statements such as “carbon neutral”, “carbon negative” or “net-zero” that have increasingly lost their credibility. And rightly so, as many of these statements were more marketing than scientifically based

nova-Institute welcomes the fact that the proposal of the European Commission on green claims requires companies “to substantiate claims they make about environmental aspects or performance of their products and organisations using robust, science based and verifiable methods.”

Even though the new directive will not become mandatory until 2027, it is advisable to deal with the issue early on. On the one hand, to understand the complex new regulations and their implementation, and on the other hand, to be prepared as a company in order to provide the required information. And finally, companies should also be aware of how to optimally communicate green claims to the relevant target groups in the best possible way in future.

Our experts at nova-Institute have analysed the possible consequences of the planned Green Claims Directive. Read their first assessments on the political framework to target market transparency, the methodological approach from an environmental perspective and the key take aways for communications and marketing.

Moreover, the upcoming nova Session “Sustainability Claims under New EU Legislation” on 7 February 2024 will provide a deep dive into the expected implications of the planned Green Claims Directive. Lara Dammer, head of the economy and policy department, Matthias Stratmann, head of the sustainability department, and Lucaino Proto Cassina, Specialist in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy Policy, from nova-Institute will share their insights on the upcoming EU proposal.

nova-Session on 7 February 2024, 13:00 – 15:00 CET (online): Sustainability Claims under New EU Legislation.

For registration, please click here.

Interested in a quick overview? Check out our infographic on the Green Claims Directive. Download for free here.

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