AFRY engineering partner in biorefinery project turning harmful seaweed into valuable products

Origin by Ocean and AFRY have entered a collaborative engineering collaboration to plan an industrial-scale biorefinery for processing bio-based seaweed products in Finland. The conceptual study phases aim to define production concepts and the steps required to construct a biorefinery. Origin by Ocean’s first algae biorefinery in Finland is projected to reach full production capacity by 2027

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Industry Advances Sustainability with $185M Investment in Recycled Content Resin Technologies

The EPS Industry has collectively invested over $185 million in technology to integrate recycled content from used EPS packaging into various applications, with 79 million pounds of capacity already operational and an additional 150 million pounds planned. These advancements, powered by chemistry innovations, are enabling the production of recycled content resin, which can be used in the manufacturing of new materials, fostering increased sustainability in many sectors