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Dr. Lars Krause (nova-Institute) © nova-Institute

Dr. Lars Krause is a senior expert in nova’s technology & markets department. Being the content manager of nova’s Advanced Recycling Conference (, he is nova’s leading expert in the field of advanced recycling solutions and also the main author of nova’s comprehensive market report “Mapping of advanced recycling – Providers, technologies, and partnerships” which was published in late 2022. His responsibilities include the monitoring of feedstock, technologies, and innovations in the chemical recycling sector. To promote and establish recycling as a carbon source on a broad industrial scale, he also leads a working group on recycling in the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI). 

Lars holds a PhD from the RWTH Aachen, where he focused on colloidal and environmental chemistry. In addition to his academic education, he gathered several years of industrial experience in project management, scientific research, and technology at companies in various sectors including aerospace, crop science, and ecotoxicology. 

Being a technology enthusiast, Lars also transfers his expertise into his private life, where in his spare time he enjoys collecting and restoring electronic hardware.


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