Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities, Production and Trends 2022-2027 (PDF)

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Report on the global bio-based polymer market 2022 – A deep and comprehensive insight into this dynamically growing market

The year 2022 was a promising year for bio-based polymers: Bio-based epoxy resin production is on the rise, PTT regained attractiveness after several years of constant capacities and PE and PP made from bio-based naphtha are being further established with growing volumes. Increased capacities for PLA are ongoing, after being sold out in 2019. Current and future expansions for bio-based polyamides as well as PHAs are on the horizon. And also, bio-based PET is getting back in the game.


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Pia Skoczinski, Michael Carus, Gillian Tweddle, Pauline Ruiz, Doris de Guzman, Jan Ravenstijn, Harald Käb, Nicolas Hark, Lara Dammer and Achim Raschka
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Feb 2023
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