Mimicking Nature The PHA Industry Landscape Latest trends and 28 producer profiles

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Natural PHAs are a class of materials that exist in nature for over millions of years. These materials are both bio-based and biodegradable, similar to other natural materials such as cellulose, proteins and starch. Natural PHAs are produced by an extensive variety of microorganisms through bacterial fermentation. Due to its high performance, biocompatibility, biodegradability and green credentials, the PHA family has a large design space and accommodates a wide range of market applications, as a broad variety of different polymers can be produced and blended. The potential of PHAs is enormous.

The report is a must-read for all those interested in the very latest in PHAs, as developers, producers or, above all, users. The information on the companies described has been checked with each of them and is state-of-the-art for February 2022.
Author of “Mimicking Nature” is Prof. Jan Ravenstijn, who has been working intensively on the topic of PHAs for 20 years, is the author of numerous publications and co-founder of the PHA industry association GO!PHA (www.gopha.org). The report is a joint publication of GO!PHA and nova-Institute (www.nova-institute.eu).

DOI No: https://doi.org/10.52548/FUAQ6608

Jan Ravenstijn
Date of publication
Mar 2022
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