Turning Industrial Biotechnology into a European success story

New FP7 project to investigate hurdles and critical success factors to deploy industrial biotechnology in Europe

Industrial biotechnology holds the key to solving major global challenges today, including climate change, dwindling fossil fuel resources and the need to develop a more sustainable and resource-efficient economy. However to date, major hurdles continue to hamper the full exploitation of its potential in Europe.

These hurdles include technological bottlenecks, market entry and institutional barriers as well as funding challenges. An integrated approach is needed to overcome these hurdles, with a clear perception of their nature and the way they interrelate. This is where BIO-TIC, a new EU-funded project, comes in.

Roadmapping for accelerated take-up
Launched in September 2012, BIO-TIC aims to establish an overview of the barriers to biotech innovation and design a clear action plan to overcome them.

The three-year project is “a solutions approach” centered on a solid roadmapping exercise that will involve a broad stakeholder base from industry, knowledge organisations, governments and civil society. Three intermediary roadmaps will focus on market assessments and projections, research and innovation as well as non-technological barriers such as feedstock.

A series of stakeholder workshops will take place at national and European level to reach a comprehensive view on solutions BIO-TIC can offer to accelerate market uptake of industrial biotechnology.

The final aim of the project will be to draw up a blueprint document with a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for overcoming the identified innovation hurdles within a selection of European business and societal opportunities.

In addition, the project will develop and market test a methodology to measure the growth of biomass use and industrial biotechnology in the market as metric to evaluate the impact of the project.

Getting involved with BIO-TIC
BIO-TIC will engage with all the relevant value-chain partners, promoting and facilitating active discussion groups across all industrial biotechnology sectors.

A website and a partnering platform will be launched later in the year, but join us right now in the BIO-TIC Linked In group – open to anyone interested in the transformative potential of industrial biotechnology.
BIO-TIC Linked In group

The BIO-TIC project is funded via the European Commission’s FP7 research programme under the title ‘The Industrial Biotech Research and Innovation Platforms Centre – towards Technological Innovation and solid foundations for a growing industrial biotech sector in Europe’. The project is coordinated by EuropaBio.

BIO-TIC partners:

  • Europabio – The European Association of Bioindustries
  • Cefic – The European Chemical Industry Council
  • PNO Consultants
  • TNO
  • Clever Consult
  • CIKTN – Chemistry Innovation
  • IAR – Association Industries et Agroressources
  • PÖYRY Management Consulting
  • Ciaotech

Jasmiina Laurmaa
Project Manager at EuropaBio
Phone: +32 2 739 1178
E-Mail: j.laurmaa@europabio.org


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CIKTN – Chemistry Innovation
Clever Consult
DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.
European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC)
IAR - Pole de Competitivité Industrie et Agro-Ressources
nova-Institut GmbH
PNO Consultants GmbH
Pöyry PLC


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