Kenyan biofuel dream proves elusive for Alberta firm

Bedford Biofuels’ plantation is stalled, and along with it the company’s promise to provide jobs and cash for community development

GARSEN, Kenya — This small African town bakes under a blistering sun, clouds of dust swirling around its false-fronted buildings and sweeping across its dilapidated main road.

Though this is an arid and unforgiving area, the land surrounding Garsen should have been green with crops by now.

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Tags: jatropha plantation, smear campaigns, Kenyan government, Tana project, securities, lawsuit, restructuring, economic growth, disappointed, biofuels, plant crops, land grabbing, land rights, disaster


Edmonton Journal, 2012-11-30.


Alberta Securities Commission (ASC)
Bedford Biofuels
Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture
Kenyan Ministry of Energy
National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
Nature Kenya


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