A new cellulose bioplastics “CELBLEN EC” based on non-edible wood resources

Alternative to PLA - future use of cellulose ester-based plastics in glasses

Daicel Polymer Ltd. has developed a new cellulose bioplastics “CELBLEN EC” produced from non-edible wood resources. CELBLEN ECs are cellulose esters containing 40-50% plant-based materials derived from wood pulp.

CELBLEN EC has an advantage in procurement of raw materials compared with PLA (Polylactide) which is derived from corn, cellulose abounds and is available everywhere in nature. CELBLEN EC can also contribute to building a sustainable society, because it does not have any negative influence on the food problem resulting from the increase in population.

Cellulose esters are being used as thermoplastics by adding plasticizers which make cellulose esters thermoplastic, however, conventional cellulose ester-based plastics are at a disadvantage in dimensional change or warpage after long-term storage resulting from volatilization of plasticizers.

CELBLEN EC is greatly improved in those disadvantages by applying new plasticizers, original formulation technologies, and advanced compounding technologies, and have excellent mechanical properties suitable as molding materials. CELBLEN EC is going to be applied to the BiomassPla Identification and labeling System of the Japan BioPlastics Association.

The general-purpose grade of CELBLEN EC is going to be in the market in 2012, a clear grade and flame-retardant grade will be in the market in early 2013. Daicel polymer is going to apply CELBLEN EC to mechanical parts of office automation products or other usage in US/EU market whose demand for eco-friendly materials are increasing.

For your reference, Daicel FineChem Ltd. of Daicel Group also is planning to develop use applications in eye glasses or other markets with CELBLEN EC supplied by Daicel Polymer as new grades of ACETY, the cellulose ester-based plastics of Daicel FineChem Ltd.


Daicel Polymer Ltd., press release, 2012-11-29.


Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd.


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