Future of Proteins: First six participants for the Future Protein Award announced

The first Future Protein Award will be awarded during the new conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)”, 1-2 October 2018, Cologne Germany

During the REFAB conference, the Future Protein Award is given out to companies presenting the best concepts for a future-proof protein supply, derived from algae, bacteria, cell-cultured meat, insects, new crops or even from CO2 and solar energy.

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On the two-day conference, the expected 500 participants will be able to explore several promising concepts and vote for their favourite candidate. At the end of the conference, the winner will be announced and presented to the international press. Additionally, the topic alternative protein sources will also be covered in one of the conference sessions, where several international experts present current trends and developments in food and biomass production.

Overall, 10 to 15 candidates are expected to apply for the Future Protein Award. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of this unique event about the future protein supply. Companies with innovative protein production concepts are welcome to participate until end of August. Learn more about how to apply: www.refab.info/future-protein-award

The nova-Institute proudly presents the first six candidates for the Future Protein Award from Finland, France, Germany and UK/South Africa:



Agriprotein technologiesAgriProtein – high quality, low cost protein for feed (ZA, UK)

MagMeal from AgriProtein Holdings UK Ltd is a blend of essential amino acids and naturally infused Lauric acid, which is the core of infant animal nutrition in the nature. AgriProtein uses organic waste and fly larvae to create high quality, low cost protein. For more information: www.agriprotein.com



Protein-Powerder_Bafa Neu KopieBAFA Neu – concentrated hemp protein powder (DE)

The Hemp Protein Powder from BAFA Neu GmbH contains over 70% complete protein and has an amazing nutty yet mild taste and white colour. This protein is available in both the organic certified and 100% natural version. Hemp Protein Powder is an ideal protein supplement for sporty vegetarians and vegans and can be used in delicious recipes. For more information: www.bafa-gmbh.de


Protein-raw-materials_Hempro KopieHempro International – a healthy addition for food products (DE)

Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG has just brought its new Hemp Protein Powder 70 on the market. It is an outstanding alternative to artificial protein powders and, made of 100% hemp, a natural source of essential ingredients such as omegas and iron. Its light nutty taste makes it a delicious supplement to smoothies, bread and pastries or mueslis. It can also be applied in food procession, e.g. for increasing the protein content in meat products or as an addition to health products. For more information: www.hempro.de


Protein Powerder_SolarFoods KopieSolar Foods Oy – protein from air and renewable electricity (FI)

Solar Foods Oy produces an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich protein using only air and renewable electricity as the main resources to produce sustainable feed. This protein product redefines the basics of food production, as it is not dependent on agriculture, weather, or climate. The goal of the company is to start commercial production of this protein in 2021. For more information: www.solarfoods.fi


SWARM_Protein_Bars KopieSWARM – the insect bar (DE)

SWARM Nutrition GmbH develops sports nutrition with high-quality and sustainable protein from insects. The SWARM Insect Bar ideally suits the needs of athletes who demand functional sports nutrition and also follow a sustainable lifestyle. It is made of high value insect protein and contains loads of micronutrients. For more information: www.swarmprotein.com


Yn'Meal 2 Copyright Ynsect KopieŸnsect – for farmed fish (FR)

The ŸnMealTM is a highly digestible, natural course of premium protein, prepared from defatted larvae, with more than 70% protein concentrate. This feed from Ÿnsect is mainly aimed at farmed fish and crustaceans and is claimed to have improved performance in shrimp and trout. For more information: www.ynsect.com


The new conference on high-tech strategies for future food and biomass production in Cologne, Germany, 1 and 2 October 2018

The final programme of the REFAB conference is now available online. It features major topics and solutions on precision farming, alternative protein sources, biostimulants, mariculture, organic and small holder farming, agriculture under extreme conditions and many more. Experts on these topics from all over the world will talk about new trends in food and biomass production. More than 500 participants are expected, 50 speakers will present their innovations and 7 exhibitors have already booked their booth.

Dr. Bronner’s (US) and BIOCOM AG (DE) are Bronze Sponsors of the conference. The Fachagentur für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V., (FNR, (DE)) supports the event as premium partner.

All information, registration forms and the conference programme are available at www.refab.info


Press release als PDF file: 18-08-08 PR First Six Candidates for Future Protein Award


nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2018-08-08.


AgriProtein Holdings Ltd
Hempro International
Solar Foods Ltd.
SWARM Protein


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