Eco Bio Plastics Midland opens production facility; expects to create 30 jobs

Bioplastic-pellets-technology production from short fibres to manufacture dishes to kids toys

Eco Bio Plastics Midland, Inc., opened its new production facility in Midland today, complete with a musical performance from the president of its parent company.

Employees at the company’s production facility, located at 4037 S. Saginaw Road, grind paper and pulp into a powder that can be used as a filler in conventional plastics. The company is a subsidiary of Japan-based Eco Research Institute.

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Tags: shredded paper, pulp, polypropylene, polyethylene, plastics, regional economy, North America, sustainable business, renewable


Midland Daily News, 2013-01-21.


Eco Bio Plastics Midland, Inc.
Eco Research Institute
MMI - Michigan Molecular Institute


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