Biofase Makes Bioplastic From Avocado Pits

Mexican Fertilizer Companies Interested in Using its Resins in Their Plastic Packaging

The huge quantity of pits discarded by the Mexican avocado food product industry is about to become one of the latest feedstocks for bioplastics. The Mexican company Biofase has developed a 100 percent biodegradable, compostable polymer made from avocado pits and is offering the polymer for use as either resins or additives.

We’ve discussed other bioplastics and biofuels that use agricultural-industrial waste as feedstocks. The latest one means companies making avocado products in Mexico will no longer need to pay third parties to haul away the pits. Scott Munguia, co-founder of Biofase, told that the Mexican avocado industry discards 30,000 metric tons of pits each month.

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DesignNews, 2013-01-18.


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