Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends and Challenges. Technologies, Sustainability. Policy and Key Players

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New market and technology report: Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges – Technologies, Sustainability, Policy and Key Players

nova’s new market and technology report „Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges” is addressed to the chemical and plastic industry, brands, technology scouts, investors, and policy makers. On 190 pages the report provides information around chemical recycling including 21 figures and 10 tables. 

The report provides deep insights into current developments in order to assert a position in the current discussion based on clear definitions and categorisations of all technologies. More than 70 companies and research institutes, which developed and offer chemical recycling technologies, are presented in the report. Each company is listed with its technologies and status, investment and cooperation partners. Additionally, the report provides an overview of waste policy in the European Union. And finally, 10 companies and research institutes were interviewed to receive first-hand information around the topic of chemical recycling.

Further information:

The old report “Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends and Challenges” differs from the new report “Mapping of advanced recycling – Providers, technologies, and partnerships” as follows:

  •  >70 technologies and providers (vs. >100 technologies and providers in the new report)
  • Profiles only with updated information of 2020
  • The extensive introductory part on polymer types, demand of different polymer types, waste fractions, political framework, position papers, technologies, LCAs, associations and waste management companies are included in this report

In summary, this report is suitable for interested readers who have not yet dealt with advanced recycling and are searching for a introduction into the topic while an up-to-date overview of all identified providers is less important.


P.S.: All you want to know about advanced recycling technologies and renewable chemicals, building-blocks, monomers, and polymers based on recycling: Hear about it at the Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC), 28–29 November 2023, Cologne, Germany (hybrid event).

Lars Krause, Florian Dietrich, Michael Carus, Pia Skoczinski, Pauline Ruiz, Lara Dammer, Achim Raschka
Date of publication
Nov 2020

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