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Where are the chemical and material worlds heading? What alternatives beyond the fossil value chains already exist today? Where are investments worthwhile, where are there still risks? Which trends are clearly emerging?

The nova team with more than 40 scientists from 7 countries is investigating these questions from the perspectives of technology and markets, sustainability and circular economy, economics and politics, strategy and communication. 

Our experts look forward to sharing and discussing their knowledge with you – even at short notice this year!

  • Bio-based Polymers Technologies, Markets, Capacities – a Business Case? 
  • CO2-based Chemistry and Polymers – a High Potential?
  • Advanced Recycling Technologies and Outlook – Which Concepts will Succeed?
  • Biowaste Feedstock Availability and Technologies – The Future? 
  • Renewable Refinery – Pathways to Ethylene and Beyond
  • Sustainability in Theory and Practice – What are the Best Approaches for your Business? 
  • Green-Green Conflicts – Interpretation is the Key
  • Food or Non-Food – Which Crops are best for Food Security and Industrial Uses?
  • EU Green Deal – Understanding the European Policy Framework

Other topics are available on demand! We discuss and evaluate your focus points. Book your in-house workshop customised to your needs. 

Contact Michael Carus for more information. 
E-Mail: michael.carus@nova-institut.de


nova-Institute, press release, 2022-10-27.


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