Waste feathers saved from landfill to make a revolutionary new Bio-composites

A and O FilmPAC Limited have added 2 new materials to their product range. Both of which are New and Unique and offer exciting market opportunities. EMERALD Fibre Reinforced Bio-Composite and SOGREEN PHA /PLA blends

A and O the UK’s leading distributor of bio-based polymers including PLA, PHA and TPS has now added the Fibre Reinforced Bio-Composite from Eastern Bioplastics of Mt Carmel USA to the range of available products.

The Bio-composite fibres are derived from chicken feathers which are normally sent to landfill- Over 2m tons a year in the USA and around 1.2m tons in Europe go to landfill. The sustainable fibres added to Polypropylene have a low carbon footprint they are totally bio based and GM free.

This is the first Bioresin on the commercial market that is produced from a non food source.

Properties of the material are close to virgin PP with low specific gravity of 0.9 g/cc for the 30% fibre filled grade and slightly higher stiffness. The material can be injection moulded and target markets include automotive components, office furniture, pet care products, DIY products and sporting goods. The Emerald range of natural fibre composites is produced by Eastern Bioplastics .

Sonny Meyerheoffer President & CEO of Eastern Bioplastics said that “We have spend 4 years developing the technology to turn waste chicken feathers into a truly Sustainable material that does not interfere with the food chain and we are pleased to see its launch on the European market with A&O”

Sogreen PHA/PLA blends are available for packaging applications where sustainability and composting to en13432 are required. There are a number of formulations available for film extrusion, sheet extrusion, injection moulding and in powder form for rotational moulding and compounding. The PLA enhances the properties of the PHA and also contributes to faster processing.

Lutz Richter- Owner of A&O Filmpac said that the collaboration with these two market leading companies in the field of Sustainable materials is an exciting development and one that will break new ground and increase market acceptance of Bio materials in Europe.

Andrew Page
phone: 01234 714477
email: sales@bioresins.eu


A&O FilmPAC Ltd., press release, 2012-08.


A&O FilmPAC Ltd.
Eastern Bioplastics


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