The Biobased A-List: ECOR sustainable building material products

Highly versatile, strong, lightweight, molded fiber panel products manufactured from sustainable, affordable, reliable available raw materials

In the numerous companies we have profiled for the A-List, we’ve overlooked an important category: the building materials for the very structures within which biobased goods are manufactured, or families live their lives.

Now, there’s wood, of course – a biobased material by definition and perenially popular as a raw material (though currently excluded from the program)

But why use wood when we can use recycled fibers?
There are tons to choose from. Forest products, agricultural waste, or post-consumer waste in the form of cardboard and paper that is steered away from the landfill. Imagine a home or an office that was built without disturbing nature around it – but simply utilizing the waste streams already created by other industrial activities. That’s industrial symbiosis – nature’s grandest and most successful design.

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Tags: agricultural waste, pulp stew, wet processing technology, compound shapes, packaging


Biofuels Digest, 2012-08-21.


ECOR - Noble Environmental Technologies Corp.