Unlocking the universe of biobased (and not so biobased) materials

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, exotic materials are brought from outer space, but in the Digest Cinematic Universe, the most transformative materials are all around you. - Possibly in your trash.

If there is a lesson we can draw from the fracking and the biobased revolutions, it is that the most…

Full text: http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/11/19/unlocking-the-universe-of-biobased-and-not-so-biobased-materials/


Avantium Technologies B.V.
Beta Renewables
Brown University
Calysta, Inc.
Chemtex Group
Coca-Cola Co.
Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH
Enerkem Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.
Gevo Inc.
Guozhen Group Co.
M&G Chemicals
NatureWorks LLC
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH)
University of Delaware
University of Massachusetts Amherst


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