Transparent biodegradable packaging film for “Pirkka” private label paper napkins

Innovative Bioska 506 Bio packaging film was developed by Plastiroll Oy Ltd in Finland

“Pirkka” Private Label Paper Napkins by Kesko, Finland are the very first paper napkins packed in Bioska 506 transparent, biodegradable and compostable packaging film in Finland. Innovative Bioska 506 Bio packaging film was developed and manufactured by Plastiroll Oy Ltd in Finland.

The film is made from starch-based renewable raw materials, and is certified as compostable according to the European Standard EN13432. Kesko is the first retail chain in Europe to apply Plastiroll’s new and innovative biodegradable, transparent packaging film.

For several years, the Finnish retail chain Kesko has been examining ways reduce the company’s environmental impact and has to that end looked for packaging options that would support this aim. Now, Kesko has proudly launched its biodegradable “Pirkka” Paper Napkins on the Finnish market, featuring two specific designs: “Lumipuu” and “Linea”. Both these designs were created as a result of an open competition to consumers. The napkins are manufactured in Finland, and bear the sustainable “Swan Label”, as well as the Key Flag symbol (a key with a Finnish flag), signifying their domestic origin.

wImageFor the outer packaging of the “Pirkka” Private Label Paper Napkins, a completely biodegradable and compostable packaging film, based on starch-based renewable raw materials has been used. It does not contain any genetically modified organisms. Furthermore, it meets all product safety and quality requirements for food packaging.
Product labels on the “Pirkka” Private Label Paper Napkin packages clearly indicate that the material is biodegradable.

Plastiroll has developed this new transparent, biodegradable packaging film to fulfill all desired properties requested by customers: transparency, natural surface feeling, good printability, mechanical strength, good runability and heat sealability on packaging lines. The new manufacturing process of this multi-layer structure film enables several biopolymers to be combined together, to create an optimal packaging film. Furthermore, the production process of biofilms at Plastiroll’s factory is CO2 neutral.

In-store material, marketing and communications have been used to increase customer awareness of the biodegradable packaging and its properties. Consumer feedback has been good: customers, too, are increasingly aware of the environmental impacts not only of business and industry, but of their own actions, as well.


Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2015-05-18.




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