Survey of the EU bio-based industry

Focus of the survey is on addressing gaps in existing data resources, the material use of biomass included


This survey aims to collect data on the current status and expected evolution of the bio-based industry within the EU. Results of the survey will input to the JRC Bio-economy Information System Observatory

This survey is part of a wider Study of the EU Bio-based Industry; commissioned by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and carried out by E4tech and Agra CEAS Consulting. The study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of business activity to assist the JRC in monitoring and analysing developments in the bio-based industry in Europe, specifically addressing gaps in the existing data resources.

The study will establish, for the first time, transparent market data which will improve the sector’s visibility and support investment decisions and policy actions.

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The EU bio based industry survey may be accessed online.

It is not possible to save your online response to resume at a later date and therefore the online survey should be completed in one session.

We strongly recommend that you review the questions in advance to gather any information required prior to submitting your response online.  A PDF copy [758 KB] of the questionnaire is provided for this purpose.

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Key definitions and scope

For the purpose of this survey ‘bio-based’ products relate to products derived in whole or in part of biological products from biomass (including plant, animal, and marine or forestry materials).

The focus of the survey is on addressing gaps in the existing data resources, and therefore includes the material use of biomass, excluding food, feed and bio-energy. Other existing bio-based industries are also considered out of scope of this study because data relating to these existing industries is reported elsewhere. This includes pulp and paper, textiles, leather, fur, wood and wicker products, and pharmaceuticals.

A brief description [515 KB] of the bio-based products included in the scope of the survey is available.


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Joint Research Centre (JRC), press release, 2015-04-20.


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