Special Issue: The Green Claims Directive

New EU directive to tackle greenwashing on product advertising

In recent years, marketing terms such as “climate-neutral”, “climate-positive”, “ocean-friendly”, “recyclable” or self-created labels that are supposed to stand for the environmental friendliness of a product can be found more and more frequently on everyday consumer products such as food, cosmetics or household articles. But manufacturers and retailers often fail to provide a scientific proof of their green claims. The consequences are a high degree of non-transparency that leaves consumers insecure, while environmental labels as such lose more and more credibility. To end Greenwashing and to install full market transparency the EU has drafted a proposal for the so-called Green Claims Directive.

The new regulations will probably not come into force before 2027, but companies should deal with the topic at an early stage. On the one hand, to understand the complex new regulations and their implementation. On the other hand, to be prepared to provide the necessary scientific evidence in time. In addition, companies need to know which methods and criteria are required to provide scientific evidence for environmental claims. And, of course, how to communicate environmental claims B2B and B2C in the best possible way in the future and to know about possible pitfalls.

In order to shed light on all these questions, nova-Institut will send out a special newsletter issue on the Green Claims Directive at the 14th of December. It will contain articles from our departments Economy & Policy, Sustainability and Communications. Additionally, we will offer our next webinar on the Green Claims Directive at the 7th of February.

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nova-Institute, press release, 2023-12-12.


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