Six companies nominated for “The Wood and Natural Fibre Composite Award 2015” announced

The innovation award highlights products that entered the market in 2015 or are just about to be launched

On the 16–17 December 2015, the largest conference on Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) and Natural Fibre Composites (NFC) worldwide will take place: the Sixth WPC & NFC Conference, Cologne. The Innovation Award highlights new materials and products that entered the market in 2015 or are just about to be launched. Producers and inventors of innovative, new applications for WPC and NFC were invited to hand in their applications to the “Wood and Natural Fibre Composite Award 2015”. Each of the nominated companies will give a short 10-minute presentation on its new material and product on the first day of the conference. Following the presentations, the audience will choose the three winners.

The following companies were nominated by the advisory board of the conference:

Aqvacomp Oy and Flaxwood Oy (FIN), Cellulose fibre reinforced polystyrene for music instruments

Cellulose fiber reinforced polystyrene composites for musical instruments with easy tailoring capability to replace the use of several rare and threatened wood spacies. In the close partnership between Aqvacomp Oy and Flaxwood Oy has been developed several recipes for different musical instruments with different property profiles depending the replaced wood. The newest case is clarinette for austrian Herbert Neureiter, where Aqvacomp composite is replacing grenadilla. Grenadilla has very high density because of huge mineral content, which gives very special demands for composite replacement.

The components of clarinette have excellent thermal and humidity resistance giving the possibility to solve the typical tuning problems of wooden instruments.

Bcomp Ltd (CH), Flax grid fabric for reinforcement of thin-walled light weight composite parts

Bcomp has developed a novel natural fiber composite solution with a higher performance-per-price ratio than standard composites currently on the market. For a given performance, the so-called powerRibs technology (patented) allows to decreasing weight by up to 50% simultaneously cutting cost, which is of particular interest for the automotive sector. This novel reinforcement material can be combined with all types of structural materials, such as carbon fiber composites, glass fiber composites (GFRP) or non-woven natural fiber composites (NF mat).

HIB TRIM PART SOLUTIONS GmbH (GER), Nature 50 – long fibre for injection moulding with a cold-press method

Design and developed pellets out of long fibers >50%, Polypropylene and additives. The development for pelletizing are realized in close collaboration with BaVe GmbH in Malsch. Through continuous process improvement, company BaVe GmbH could realize an optimum size for NF-PP pellets.

This longfiber pellets are used for injection moulded parts on standard machines and standard tools as a substitution of PC ABS with 20% glass fiber. The trails in 2014 are realized with 10 tons hemp in three different rets (green-yellow, ocher and dark). As a backup material and in compared to the hemp test values, we also tested 2 tons of flax fibers.
This proofed materials could be used for fabricate lightweight component part for the automotive or the non-automotive market.

Millvision BV (NL), Biocomposite with agro rest fibers

Last decades lots of bio-based flower pots have been launched that were not economically successful. Now biocomposite flower pots for tree nurseries and raising flower have been developed that are cold soil biodegradable (within several months) when placed in the ground that are price competitive. The biocomposite exists of agro rest fibres (i.e. peppers stems, grass) to strengthen the bio-based plastics. Pots have been designed on added value in the supply chain, and they have been tested at an institute (HAS) and tree nurseries and growing flowers company in practice. The first 50,000 pots are sold. Benefits of this new developed bio-based flower pot are better plant growth, no fertilizer needed (new pot acts as fertilizer), and no more plastic waste (oil based containers) in the environment.

ONORA BV (NL), Bio-based coffin in injection moulding technology

Onora has developed a new type of coffin produced out of fibre-enhanced bio-based plastic. The environmental impact of this coffin is 48% less as conventional coffins, making our product the most sustainable coffin worldwide. The product will be injection moulded and because it is formed in a mould, we have more freedom of shape. The design of the coffin is “organic” and “soft” being appealing to nowadays consumers. The bio-based compound makes the coffin biodegradable. The fibres will provide the coffin strength and will prevent melting of the plastic during cremation. Besides our coffin being disruptive in the funeral industry it is also an innovation in the (bio)plastic industry as a product of these dimensions has never been produced out of bio-based plastic before.

Plasthill Oy (FIN), Kareline natural fibre composite and stainless steel

Finnish KUPILKA® Knife (Utility Model FI 10657) combines old traditions with the latest technology. The designer of the knife is Heikki Koivurova, who is known for his down to earth attitude and beautiful organic, yet functional, forms. The handle is made from Kareline® Natural Fibre Composite which gives it a good grip and smooth to the touch surface, thus ensuring safe handling of the knife. The blade is also made in Finland from high quality stainless steel. The magnetic locking mechanism of the knife is unique due to its folding two-piece handle that protect the blade.

The winner will be awarded in the first evening of the conference during a gala dinner.
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nova-Institut GmbH, 2015-10-09.


Aqvacomp Oy
Bcomp Ltd.
Flaxwood Oy
Onora BV
Plasthill Oy


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