Praj flags off its Industrial Biobased Product facility

Commences production and supply of Livestock Health & Nutrition Products

As part of its strategy of extending its expertise in biotechnology combined with its experience in agri processes, Praj Industries, the global leader in ethanol technology has launched its next set of biobased products – the livestock health & nutrition range (LHN). The main driver is the increased consumption of animal proteins in the emerging economies.

The LHN products are derived from agro materials and produced by complex fermentation/enzyme based processes. LHN products provide solutions to a variety of health and productivity improvement opportunities in the dairy, poultry and aqua segments in a natural way, as specialty feed supplements. The product concept originated from the knowledge of distillery/brewery co-products and understanding of vital nutrition biochemistry and microbiology of livestock segment.

The current product portfolio covers Amino acids, Vitamins and other biomolecules and Prophylactic disease controlling Friendly Microbes with immunity modulators.

The market for LHN products is estimated to be at over Rs. 10000 Cr in South and South East Asia which is slated to grow at CAGR of 10 %. Major segments are Vital Nutrition, Pre & Probiotics, Enzymes and Disease preventing products. In the first phase Praj will target the Indian market followed by growing markets overseas.

Praj Matrix – the Innovation center developed the special microbes and molecules after extensive research. This was followed by intense field testing by Industrial Biobased Processes & Products (IBPP) group to establish the product effectiveness.

The IBPP group has been formed to take the biobased products & processes, developed by Praj Matrix-the R&D center, to the market. Biochemicals, Health & Wellness, Agri-inputs are some of the other areas where IBPP will be taking products and processes towards commercialization.

“Worldwide, biobased* products in health & wellness and chemicals/plastic sectors are finding a growing acceptability due to environmental and health concerns. The sheer growth potential globally gives us confidence that we have entered into this area at the right time. Praj Matrix, the R & D facility is mandated to develop processes of unique products which will address this growing market. These products are fast attaining viability and competitiveness.”, said Mr. Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj.

A 65,000 sq. ft production facility has commenced production of performance enhancers for distilleries and will now take on production of LHN products. The factory, located in the industrial zone near Pune, is designed to world class standards in hygiene

The facility can be expanded four fold. It will see further ramp up once success of this phase is established.

About Praj Industries Limited:
Praj is a global company that offers innovative solutions to add significant value to bio- ethanol facilities, brewery plants, water & wastewater treatment systems, process engineering, plant & equipment, as well as industrial biobased processes and products for customers worldwide With over 500 references across five continents, Praj is a leading Ethanol Technology & Plant supplier with a strong focus on second-generation bioethanol process development. Praj Matrix – the innovation center, is the R & D Center of Praj Industries. Praj is a knowledge-based company with expertise and experience in bioprocesses and engineering. It delivers know-how, license, engineering design, plant & equipment, project management, commissioning and customer care, and turnkey projects. Led by an accomplished and caring leadership, Praj is a socially responsible corporate citizen


Praj Industries Ltd., press release, 2012-11-27.


Praj Industries Ltd.


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