Plastic Articles that Safely Biodegrade in Water

International research institute approves DaniMer Scientific’s film resins as degradable in sea water

DaniMer Scientific recently introduced a new film resin which has received certification as “Biodegradable in Marine Environments” from SSCCP, an internationally recognized research institute located in Milan, Italy. This unique characteristic offers diverse end of life options to the consumer while providing confirmation of environmental safety for converted film articles if it finds itself in a stream or our oceans.

This recent certification follows previous recognition for DaniMer’s film resins, including Vincotte OK Compost, OK Home, OK Water and OK Soil certifications along with SSCCP certification for Anaerobic Digestion. These certifications confirm degradation attributes of the DaniMer 112291 while providing the film converting industry with a biodegradable resin unlike any other in the world. In addition to the environmental aspects of the film grade resin, the DaniMer product enables a soft, highly flexible, puncture resistant film that offers an excellent surface for printing.

“The Biodegradability in Marine Environment certification is an important breakthrough for the bioplastics industry,” says Scott Tuten, Senior Vice President of DaniMer Scientific. “Most importantly, this certification confirms that certain biodegradable plastics can offer multiple end of life options which is a unique value and broadens the markets we serve.”

The Institute was founded by the Italian pulp and paper industries in 1896, as a laboratory for raw materials and products quality control. SSCCP is focused on the task of performing studies, applied research and analyses. The Institute has been recently re-organized as a Public Commercial Organization with the new denomination “Stazione Sperimentale Carta, Cartoni e Paste per Carta” and is located in Milan, Italy.

About Vinçotte
Vinçotte is an independent organization that specializes in inspection, certification and testing activities focused on safety, quality and the environment. IT employs over 1800 people worldwide. Tapping into the experience it has built up throughout its 100-year-old history, Vincotte developed the OK Compost conformity mark, its specification and its logo.

About DaniMer Scientific
DaniMer Scientific, an international corporation, believes people’s lives can be improved and the environment can be better protected by utilizing renewable resources to manufacture articles that are intended for short-term use. One of the company’s goals is to reduce dependence on petroleum, enabling people and communities to benefit from environmentally-friendly products.


DaniMer Scientific, press release, 2012-10-01.


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