nova-experts (re)introduced: Dr. Matthias Stratmannn

Head of sustainability department - research, consultancy projects and co-author

nova-experts (re)introduced: Dr. Matthias Stratmannn © nova-Institute

In 2020, Matthias joined the nova team as head of the sustainability department. He since leads a team of six experienced experts on life cycle assessment (LCA) and comprehensive sustainability analyses – including social impact assessment – with a focus on renewable chemistry and materials.

Matthias is responsible for research and consultancy projects for various industrial clients and the co-author of various publications in the field of renewable carbon, such as “Renewable Carbon as a Guiding Principle for Sustainable Carbon Cycles“ or “CO₂ Reduction Potential of the Chemical Industry Through CCU“.

Background and Expertise

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Matthias gained two years of industry experience in the product management department of an international company. Subsequently, he decided to focus on the topic of sustainability, completed a Master’s degree and a PhD in “Life Cycle and Sustainability”. Within the empirical part of his PhD project, he built up extensive experience in the application of LCA in industry, more specifically in the aluminum industry. At nova, Matthias has successfully completed many LCA projects, which since have been peer reviewed, and led strategy workshops for companies.


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