nova experts introduced: Linda Engel

Management Assistant

Linda Engel, M.A., studied sociology, German philology and Scandinavian literature at the University of Cologne and joined nova-Institute thereafter. In her studies, she focused among other things on environmental sociology and social network analysis.

Tasks at nova

Engel, Linda

Linda Engel is nova’s all-rounder. She joined the team in 2013 as Management Assistant and as such, supports Managing Director Michael Carus in a wide array of organizational and other issues. Since 2015, she has also been working as Editor in Chief of Bio-based News, nova-Institute’s news platform for the bio-based

and CO2-based economy and industrial biotechnology. Moreover, Linda has a hand in public relations and marketing activities, supporting nova-Institute’s services and activities. Part of that is the

content management of and She contributes to optimizing quality management and internal processes. She is co-responsible for the organization of nova Sessions. Furthermore, she occasionally contributes to nova-Institute’s studies through final editing.
Since 2015 Linda Engel acts as nova-Institute’s privacy officer.


  • S. Piotrowski, R. Essel, M. Carus, L. Dammer, L. Engel (2015): “Nachhaltig nutzbare Potenziale für Biokraftstoffe in Nutzungskonkurrenz zur Lebens- und Futtermittelproduktion, Bioenergie sowie zur stofflichen Nutzung in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt”; nova-Institut (Hrsg.).
  • R. Essel, L. Engel, M. Carus, R. Ahrens (2015): “Sources of microplastics relevant to marine protection in Germany”; Texte 63/2015, Umweltbundesamt (Hrsg).


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