BiobasedWorld – the whole world of bioeconomy in Cologne

First trade show for the biobased industries, debuting 15-16 February 2017 in Cologne, Germany

BiobasedWorld is the first trade show for the biobased industries, debuting 15-16 February 2017 in Cologne, Germany. The bioeconomy is a growing industry globally, however, as yet there is no dedicated market place for companies that add value to renewable resources. BiobasedWorld fills this gap and covers topics from algae to wood and from adipic acid to xylose.

The European chemical industry has a turnover of 500 billion Euro and ACHEMA is the meeting point to get yourself up-to-date. Companies in the bioeconomy turn over 2000 billion Euro but you will have a hard time finding a dedicated trade show.

BiobasedWorld turns the idea of current bioeconomy events – a “family meeting” for each sector – upside down and the exhibition takes center stage. This is all the more diversified as there is no topical restriction. The common denominator of all exhibitors is to add value to renewable resources.
A walk through the exhibition hall makes whole value system visible and tangible for the visitor. Exhibitors have all the space they need to showcase their products and technologies; the exhibition concept and the booth design make for an open atmosphere that facilitates thought exchange between the industry sectors. The conference program as well focuses on “real life bioeconomy”: exhibitors and industry experts present what is already there or will be in the near future.

BiobasedWorld is brought to you by DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH, organizer of the leading trade show for the process industries – ACHEMA – since 1920.


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