New trade body launched to support biobased and biodegradable industries in the UK

NNFCC's new agreement with FNR and the creation of the BBIA to support the rate of development in the sector throughout the whole of the EU

The future development of the UK bioeconomy will be supported by a new trade body, the Biobased and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA).  The trade body will start to operate shortly after the General Election in May by presenting its first report on the potential financial and employment benefits to the British economy of the use of compostable materials as a road map for the new Government.

The trade body has been formed less than two months after it was initially announced as the British Association of Biobased and Biodegradable Chemicals (BABBC). It will promote the production and use of bio-based and biodegradable materials; encourage investment opportunities; develop scientific analysis of environmental and economic impacts; intervene on matters related to waste management, soil, air and water quality; define nationally and internationally recognised standards and certification programmes.

The founding members of BBIA are BASF, Biobag, Biotec, EuroPackaging, Fuchs, Innovia, Novamont and Sinvestec. The seven-member elected board held its first meeting on 24 April, in which the next steps of the association were set out.

Engaging policy-makers

Founder David Newman, currently President of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and former Managing Director of Greenpeace Italia and Secretary General of the Italian Bioplastics Association said: “We will immediately engage policy-makers, civil servants and the public to help establish a more competitive, innovative and sustainable Britain.

“Over the next decade, the circular bioeconomy may play an increasingly important role in boosting the UK economy by revitalising rural areas and obsolete industrialised sites while providing more growth and jobs”.

The news comes shortly after NNFFC’s announcement of its new partnership with FNR, the central coordinating agency for renewable resources in Germany. NNFCC and FNR have agreed to work together on the strategic development of the bioeconomy in the UK and Germany.

The bioeconomy is already worth nearly €2 trillion and provides more than 22 million jobs, according to the European Commission. The establishment of these new partnerships will help to support continued growth in the sector.

NNFCC’s CEO Dr Jeremy Tomkinson said: “The future for the bioeconomy in Europe is looking bright. Our new agreement with FNR and the creation of the BBIA will support the rate of development in the sector throughout the whole of the EU.”


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