Biopolymer company MHG becomes first company to receive Vinçotte certification for marine biodegradability

Company also holds certifications for biodegradability in soil, freshwater, and home and industrial composting

The biopolymer company, MHG, obtained the first OK biodegradable MARINE Certification from Vinçotte International. This verification distinguishes MHG’s truly marine biodegradable product from unverified claims by competitors with similar products.

The “OK biodegradable MARINE” certification became available from Vinçotte in March of 2015. Since many plastic products and packaging have a high chance of ending up in the ocean or other waterways, this functionality adds great value to qualifying bioplastics. With Vinçotte’s recently added certification, products that are certified and do end up in marine water will completely biodegrade, instead of continually breaking down into smaller contaminants. Vinçotte tested MHG’s PHA product according to International Standards and confirmed it would naturally break down completely in marine water.

Vinçotte is extremely cautious in not encouraging littering, therefore the actual use of the OK biodegradable MARINE logo is only allowed on products that are used in the marine environment (e.g. fishing line, baits, cull panels etc.), the logo is not allowed on products that could possibly encourage the customer for (marine) littering.

Vinçotte serves as an independent and impartial service provider offering inspections, testing, certifications, and training in different fields, including environmental protection. Vinçotte tests products based on the European standard for compostable packaging and is in step with all current requirements. They are the only organization who offers customized certification labels for each biodegradation environment.

“This additional certification provides even more support to the credibility and potential of Nodax™ PHA to have a significant impact on replacing for plastics,” remarked Dr. Paul Pereira, MHG’s CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. “The article ‘Plastic Waste Inputs from Land into Ocean’, published February 13, 2015 in Science Magazine, quantifies the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans, with the expected prediction for these staggering levels to continue to rise. As more evidence and research suggests the degraded welfare of all marine ecosystems, caused primarily from plastic pollution, the health of our oceans is a growing concern worldwide. With MHG’s ocean-friendly product, our company provides a strong solution for a healthier planet.”

This certification is the fifth one MHG has received from Vinçotte. They also hold certifications for biodegradability in soil, freshwater, and home and industrial composting.


About Vinçotte

The Vinçotte group has an annual turnover of EUR 200 million and 16 offices worldwide. Our inspections, testing, certification, and training provide a one-stop-shop for solutions to guarantee safety, sustainability and quality to companies and their surroundings. Our 2,500 impartial experts work by the book and are determined to find a solution in every situation.

Today, Vinçotte is a leading, international certification body. Any organization can contact us for the certification of their management system with regards to standards in quality, safety, the environment, energy, and CSR.

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About MHG

MHG, the holding company of Meredian, Inc. and Danimer Scientific, is an environmental entity striving to create a greener tomorrow with renewable, sustainable, 100% biodegradable, and toxin free bioplastics for people at work and at home.

As a recognized world leader in the production of PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates) biopolymer, MHG specializes in customized formulations that combine PHA and PLA (polylactic acid) through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. MHG’s AgrofacturingTM system involves cold-pressing canola oil harvested from non-GMO canola seed, and manufacturing it into PHA. By sourcing locally grown canola, a rotation crop, MHG provides farmers with a market that does not compete with food harvests. Led by a group of world-class scientists and business leaders, MHG currently owns more than 125 patents across nearly 20 countries. MHG is headquartered in Bainbridge, Georgia, USA.


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