New tool to assess bioplastic packaging

Developed by German Association of Ecological Food Producers

Beginning of 2015 the Association of Ecological Food Producers (AOEL, Germany) started its new online tool focussing on the use of bioplastic packaging in the food sector. The tool is now also available in English language.

The database provides an overview of the five foremost used bioplastics in the market: biobased PE, biobased PET, cellulose based plastics, PLA, and starch blends. The information is edited according to four criteria: ecology, social aspects, safety & technology, and quality. Sub-criteria such as landuse, life cycle assessment, social standards, and migration offer further support during ones search for the suitable material.

AOEL involved a broad range of stakeholders in the development of this project – from packaging producers, and food producers to scientists.

The database is aspiring to be a decision aid for food producers looking for a bioplastic alternative for their packaging.

The database is available here:

This project was supported by Federal Agency of Renewable resources (FNR, Germany).


Your contact person in case of questions is:

Büro Lebensmittelkunde & Qualität, Dr. Alexander Beck
Renate Dylla
Tel: +49 9741-4834


European Bioplastics Newsflash, 2015-09-07.


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