Most U.K. Crops Meet Environmental Biofuel Standards, AHDB Says

Rapeseed, sugar beets and wheat are RED compliant

Most rapeseed, sugar beet and wheat crops in the U.K. meet environmental standards for use in biofuels, the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board said.

Ninety-seven percent of the country’s rapeseed, all of its sugar beets and 84 percent of its wheat may be able to “freely enter the biofuel supply chain” after meeting European Union criteria on greenhouse gas emissions, the AHDB’s Home-Grown Cereals Authority said today on its website. The findings, from AHDB and an industry group consortium, were based on data that included crop yields, fuel and fertilizer use, soil organic matter and oil content in rapeseed.

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Tags: crop-specific targets, sustainability criteria


Bloomberg, 2012-12-11.


Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board
European Union