Metsä Group joins international Biobased Industries Consortium

European industry forms consortium to push biobased agenda

Metsä Group, a major forest industry company in Finland, and approximately 40 other European companies have founded a new community – Biobased Industries Consortium – to promote the development of the European bioeconomy.

The objective of the community is to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry and to create and safeguard jobs. In addition, it strives to contribute to decreasing Europe’s dependency on imported oil and reducing the environmental impact of industry.

The community is seeking a new kind of innovation partnership with the European Commission to accelerate commercial application of the latest research results. The innovation partnership would also significantly support the renewal of the Finnish forest industry and strengthen its position in the sustainable bioeconomy of the future.

Bioeconomy is one of the EU’s core fields of operation, and as stated in its strategy, the EU wishes to further increase its role. Metsä Group is a central operator in the bioeconomy in Finland.

About Metsä Group:
Metsä Group is a responsible forest industry group whose products are part of people’s everyday life and promote sustainable well-being. Metsä Group produces high-quality products mainly from renewable Nordic wood and wood fibre. The Group’s business areas are tissue and cooking papers, board and paper, pulp, wood products as well as wood supply. Metsä Group’s sales totalled EUR 5.3 billion in 2011, and it employs approximately 12,500 people. The Group is present in some 30 countries.


Metsä Group, press release, 2013-01-14.


European Commission
Metsä Group


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