Market Study and Trend Reports on Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers in the World – Capacities, Production and Applications: Status Quo and Trends Towards 2020

Florence Aeschelmann, Michael Carus (nova-Institute) and ten renowned international experts

In March 2013, Germany’s nova-Institute published the most comprehensive market study of bio-based polymers ever made. The market study was carried out in collaboration with renowned international experts in the field of bio-based polymers from Europe, America and Asia. The 2013 market study received high acclaim and set a new standard for market studies in this field. Now, two years later, a complete update is to be published in June 2015. The study investigates every kind of bio-based polymer and several major building blocks produced by more than 200 companies at over 350 locations around the world. In 2014, for the first time, nova-Institute’s market study was used as the main data source of the recently published market data of the association “European Bioplastics”.

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The full report presents the findings of nova-Institute’s year-long update of the previous market study, which is made up of three parts: “Market data”, ten “trend reports” and “company profiles” (app. 500 pages).

The “market data” section presents market data about the total production volumes and capacities as well as the main application fields of selected bio-based polymers worldwide.

The “trend reports” section contains a total of 10 independent articles contributed by leading experts in the fields of bio-based polymers and building blocks.

  • Policies impacting bio-based plastics market development – Dirk Carrez
  • Plastic Bags – their consumption and regulation in the European market and beyond – Constance Ißbrücker
  •  Standards, norms and labels for bio-based products – Lara Dammer
  • Bio-based polymers, a revolutionary change – Jan Ravenstijn
  • Bio-based monomers – Rainer Busch
  • Asian markets for bio-based chemical building blocks and polymers – Wolfgang Baltus
  • Brand views and adoption of bio-based polymers – Harald Käb
  • Environmental evaluation of bio-based polymers and plastics – Roland Essel
  • Microplastics in the environment: sources, consequences, solutions – Roland Essel
  • GreenPremium prices along the value chain of bio-based products – Michael Carus, Asta Eder, Janpeter Beckmann

The final “company profiles” section includes company profiles with specific data including locations, bio-based polymers and building blocks production capacities.


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nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2015-01-20.


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