LUNAFORM™, a new kind of biomaterial, unveiled by Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week

Gozen introduces an otherworldly vision for sustainable fashion

Balenciaga LUNAFORM™ Maxi Bathrobe Coat
Balenciaga LUNAFORM™ Maxi Bathrobe Coat

GOZEN, a revolutionary biomaterials startup, is thrilled to announce the launch of LUNAFORM, an advanced biomaterial that made its debut appearance on the Balenciaga runway at Paris Fashion Week last Sunday.

LUNAFORM is a first-of-its-kind sustainable material that is plastic and animal-free. The process of creating LUNAFORM combines nature’s ingenuity with cutting-edge science. In a nutrient-rich environment, microorganisms craft ultra-crystalline patterns, and with the introduction of natural agents, a 3D super-material begins to form. From this entirely bio-based foundation, LUNAFORM is derived. The entire process is vegan and non-GMO, and the material, rather than being composed of microorganisms, is the by-product of their innate activity.

Recognizing the material’s unique potential, Balenciaga introduced the Balenciaga LUNAFORM Maxi Bathrobe Coat as part of its Summer 24 collection. The iconic luxury fashion house is known for its unorthodox, mold-breaking designs and beautiful craftsmanship, making the partnership a natural fit.

The partnership between Balenciaga and GOZEN is the culmination of two years of collaboration, during which the teams worked tirelessly to develop the material to Balenciaga’s requirements.

LUNAFORM emerged from the symbiosis between nature and technology. Unlike plant leathers – which are typically composed of a mixture of materials – LUNAFORM is created from a single process, enabling its tensile strength to surpass that of plant and mycelium-based materials – as tested according to external standards. With a thickness starting from just 0.2 mm, it is stronger and finer than traditional animal leather and features a natural drape and softness that sets it apart from existing alternatives. Produced in large 13 square foot sheets of customizable thickness and texture, LUNAFORM offers unprecedented design versatility, as showcased in the Balenciaga LUNAFORM Maxi Bathrobe Coat.

Ece Gozen views the collaboration between Balenciaga and GOZEN as more than a partnership. For her, it’s a manifestation of GOZEN’s deep-rooted beliefs.

She reflects, “Our mission transcends material innovation. It’s about reimagining our relationship with the natural world. By partnering with a visionary brand like Balenciaga, we’ve come one step closer to our goal.”

LUNAFORM is set to open new possibilities for consumers to make environmentally responsible choices without sacrificing high-end design. As the adoption of LUNAFORM gains traction, it is expected to inspire other brands to embrace eco-friendly materials and practices, ultimately fostering a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.


GOZEN is a biocreation startup founded by Ece Gozen. GOZEN’s mission is to reshape how we interact with the world around us, advocating for natural connection and a balance between creative expression and the sanctity of our planet. Gozen’s timeless process combines the ancient practices of harnessing naturally occurring processes with cutting-edge technology. This transforms organic elements into applied innovation – like their debut material, LUNAFORM. GOZEN is backed by Happiness Capital, Accelr8, and SOSV.


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