LCA, business, policy – The sustainability nexus

Next nova Session on 13 Decemvber 2023

Sustainability is becoming a major factor for businesses, driven by at least three different aspects: Customers demand relevant information from the market, responsible entrepreneurs strive to reduce the negative impact of their actions, and various political directives oblige companies to report on several non-financial aspects of their business and products

Hosts: Lara Dammer, Matthias Stratmann (nova-Institute)

The good news is that many requirements that sound different have a common denominator. A good data base, knowledge of scientific methods, the use of synergies with other areas of the company and, finally, knowledge of the relevant regulations enable companies to approach the topic of sustainability in a positive and value-creating way.

This nova Session will give you the opportunity to learn about the basics of standardized Life Cycle Assessment methods and recent developments in sustainability initiatives. nova experts and guest speakers from the Commission and the JRC will explain the increasing requirements for sustainability reporting placed on your company by policy and how you can prepare for it. There will be ample space to discuss and answer your questions. 

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Topics include

  • LCA basics – methods and standards
  • ISO 14067, ISO 14044
  • New developments in sustainability assessment – examples PEF and “Together for Sustainability”
  • Product vs. Corporate Carbon Footprint – what do you need?
  • Evolution of LCA in policy
  • EU Taxonomy
  • Green Claims Directive
  • Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  • Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive


nova-Institute, press release, 2023-11-02.


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