K 2019 news: Palsgaard’s biobased additives offer safety, sustainability and superior performance

With its Einar additive line, Palsgaard offer a food-grade and food-approved family of additives sourced from sustainably produced vegetable oils

At K2019, Palsgaard (Hall 7, level 1 / D20) will be presenting its portfolio of additive solutions for a wide range of polymer applications. Among the company’s offerings are its Einar additive line, a food-grade and food-approved family of additives sourced from sustainably produced vegetable oils.

Packaging made with Einar® anti-fogging agents

Designed to allay growing consumer concerns about harmful additives in plastics and packaging, the Einar product range is not only safe: rigorous testing has shown that Einar products perform as well as, or better than, fossil-based alternatives.

Explaining that safety and sustainability are now two of the most important concerns for the polymer industry, Christina Normann

Christensen, Product & Application Manager for non-food at Palsgaard said that “The good news, both for business and the environment, is that these challenges can be addressed by using plant-based, food-grade solutions”.

She added:“At K 2019 we’ll be demonstrating that anti-fogs, anti-statics and dispersing aids can be safe enough to eat. Furthermore, using food-grade solutions doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality – in fact they commonly outperform fossil-based alternatives.”

Solutions on show at K 2019 will include:

  • Anti-fogs, including Einar 1122, a new water-based solvent-free dispersion of food-grade additives. Ideal for stretched polyolefin and polyester films, it delivers anti-fogging performance at low coating concentrations and compares well with competing products;
  • Anti-statics, including Einar 601, an amine-free solution for anti-static protection in polyethylene (PE) applications;
  • Mould release solutions, including Einar 201, a reliable general-purpose mould release and de-nesting additive for PP applications;
  • Dispersing aids, including Einar 101, which disperses pigments more effectively than industry-standard waxes;
  • Coating additive blends for EPS, including Einar 543 and Einar 544, which offer a very convenient way to apply EPS coatings. These all-in-one solutions, complete with zinc stearate, eliminate the need to handle several different individual products. The complete coating formulation is an easy-to-use, pre-blended formulation offering easy dosing and accuracy, better and faster handling, and options for additive inventory optimization.

As well as being highly efficient and cost-effective, all the products are produced in Palsgaard’s CO2-neutral facilities.


Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2019-09-25.




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