Invitation to the Stakeholder Event “Bio-Based Innovations for Industrial Applications“

24 April 2024, 9:00-17:00 CET, Brussels, Belgium

Explore the latest bio-based solutions for a variety of applications. The event combines presentations, a poster exhibition and plenty of opportunities for networking. Speakers will include researchers involved in the development of new bio-based materials and representatives from industry and the CBE JU.

The organisers of the event, the BBI JU projects CHAMPION and PERFECOAT aim to replace conventional fossil-based materials with novel bio-based ones. The CHAMPION project focuses on bio-based thermoset coatings, structural adhesives, automotive interior surfaces and home care additives, while the PERFECOAT project is all about new bio-based ingredients for paints and coatings for wood and decorative applications. Four other thematically related European projects will also present their experiences in the quest for innovative and sustainable bio-based materials and products.


Session 1: End-user perspectives on bio-based innovations

  • Welcome and presentation of CHAMPION and PERFECOAT projects
  • Navigating trade and sustainability certification of bio-based value chains
  • Sustainability drivers for businesses

Session 2: Making bio-based compounds

  • Bio-based binders for wood coating applications
  • Bio-based polymer synthesis and scale-up
  • Bio-based paint ingredients: fillers, pigments and functional additives
  • Economic feasibility of the use of lignin to produce bio-resins

Session 3: Sustainability, safety and toxicity

  • Sustainability in bio-based coatings
  • Safety and toxicity assessment methods
  • Environmental and social sustainability assessment

Session 4: Industrial applications

  • Results of applications testing in CHAMPION
  • Bio-based coating formulation and application testing
  • Circularity and end-of-life options

Source, events, 2023-11.


Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking
European Commission


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