Increased Use of Biodegradable Plastics in Durable Products Boosts China’s Biomaterials Industry

Considerable Increase in Amount of Biodegradable Plastics used for General Products

In H1 2013, China’s biomaterials industry witnessed a good development momentum. For example, PBS industry attracts many participants in China even though the domestic PBS market is not mature enough. In addition, China has made significant progress in the R&D and commercial application of polyamino acid, with the active efforts of some experts.

In May 2013, the import and export volume of PLA decreased and the import volume of dry cassava also decreased. Besides, China’s import volume and price of castor oil and its derivatives decreased as well in May 2013. 9. Jiangxi Bailian is to install the equipment of its fluorine chemical project in July 2013.

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SpecialChem, 2013-09-03.


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