Importance of bio-based value chains emphasised in EU’s Strategic Foresight report

Creating new bio-based value chains in order to realise "greener, more cost-effective industrial processes" playing a big role towards a more resilient Europe

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BIC has welcomed the EU’s first Strategic Foresight Report. “If we charter the course towards a more resilient Europe, bio-based value chains have an important role in Europe” noted Dirk Carrez, BIC Executive Director.

The report, which seeks to identify emerging challenges and opportunities to better steer the EUs strategic choices, noted that “EU industrial frontrunners are demonstrating how clean, bio and circular production and services are important drivers of competitiveness and growth”.

Notably, the report highlights the importance of creating new bio-based value chains in order to realise “greener, more cost-effective industrial processes” and how they can ehance the “overall status of our natural resources and ecosystems”. The report highlights the contribution of the bio-based industries to European employment and the potential to “create a million new jobs by 2030”, thereby stimulating Europe’s Green Recovery.


You can learn more on how the bio-based industries are contributing to the Green Recovery here:

The EU’s Strategic Foresight Report can be consulted here: . (Reference to the bio-based value chains and the bio-based industry on pages 24-25).


Bio-based Industries Consortium, press release, 2020-09-10.


Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC)
European Union


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