Helian Polymers cooperates with CheilJedang BIO to bring biodegradable PHA based 3D printing filament to the market

Joint goal of this cooperation is to develop high added value PHA based and customer specific biopolymer solutions

It is with great pride that Dutch bioplastics specialist Helian Polymers BV announces a new partnership with South Korea based CJ CheilJedang BIO (CJ BIO). The joint goal of this cooperation is to develop high added value PHA based and customer specific biopolymer solutions.

Helian Polymers has been active in bioplastics ever since 2007, as well as trading in color concentrates and additives on an international scale. With increased regulations and social concerns regarding petrochemically based plastics Helian is stepping up its efforts to supply both biobased and biodegradable materials and develop bespoke applications with its customers.

In 2012 Helian Polymers started the brand colorFabb, which has become one of the world’s leading and most innovative 3D printing filament producers. Being an independent company since 2015, colorFabb has always worked closely with Helian Polymers to develop new materials for FFF / additive manufacturing.

Now, in 2021, Helian Polymers reinvigorates its focus on biopolymers. Helian Polymers will develop custom made and high-value PHA based solutions catered to specific customer needs. Starting in 2020, R&D has already begun with partners like CJ BIO to develop a certifiable fully biodegradable 3D printing filament. Through its connection with colorFabb 3D, Helian Polymers is in a unique position to develop innovative PHA based formulations and bring it to the market with high priority.

Says Ruud Rouleaux, CEO of Helian Polymers: “It is in our DNA to develop truly innovative material solutions. In a world with growing awareness about sustainability and the need to take ecological responsibility we are very excited to announce the partnership with CJ CheilJedang Bio, presenting a unique opportunity to start working with their biobased building blocks, that we regard as enabling cornerstones for PHA based material solutions.”

The cooperation with CJ BIO is the result of a long search for a partner and material to create a truly sustainable 3D printing filament consisting of 100% PHA based building blocks.


Helian Polymers, press release, 2021-02-16.


CJ CheilJedang
Helian Polymers B.V.


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