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Bioplastic-Tool of the Aoel helps enterprises to find the right material in Germany and abroad

Bad Brückenau 28 July 2015: The Internet tool for the use of bio-based plastics as packaging material for food products, developed by the “Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller” (Aoel) is now finished and ready for using. It can now be used as the assistance in decision making with all his possibilities in German and English. Small and middle enterprises now have their own tool to find the right bio-based solution from the plenty of raw materials.
Of course, the conventional plastic is still dominating the market. But the custom-ers of bio-products do more and more expect that packaging films, trays for the food packaging, bottles and bags are produced with raw materials that are eco-logical and socially appropriate and can be bio-recycled. To satisfy this high re-quirement, the Internet tool of the Aoel was funded as part of a project from the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. It is now finished and ready for using.
Packaging and food manufacturers as well as scientific experts were involved in the development. This Internet tool provides information on the five most im-portant substance groups currently on the market. This information relates to the four criteria of ecology, society, safety & technology and quality that are recorded and evaluated based on sub-criteria such as land utilisation, life cycle assess-ments, social standards and migration.
Food manufacturers can focus their own priorities regarding to the quality of materials (for example tear strength, printability, oxygen barrier) as well as the eco-logical and socially acceptable production of the raw material packaging. Aspects such as the avoidance of competition for food, GMO-free raw material and social standards of production can be focused to make the right decision.

The evaluations for the groups of substances can be compared to aid in decision making. In addition to the rated information, a checklist is provided as a tool for decision making.

The Internet Bioplastic-Tool “BioVP” can be found at


Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller e.V., press release, 2015-07-28.


Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller e.V. (AöL)
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