Gevo and Mansfield Oil Partnering to Introduce Next Generation Biofuels

Mansfield to efficiently distribute isobutanol-based fuel into the petroleum market

During 2011, Gevo, Inc. entered into a strategic marketing alliance with Mansfield Oil Company to efficiently distribute isobutanol-based fuel into the petroleum market. Mansfield markets and distributes fuel to thousands of commercial, government, and retail customers across the United States and Canada and has over 900 supply points across North America.

“We are impressed by Gevo’s unique approach to isobutanol development and are confident they will remain the industry leader and a key partner for us,” says Doug Haugh, Executive Vice President of Mansfield Oil Company. “Through this partnership, we are working to develop new fuels formulated with renewable isobutanol that expand the renewable content of the fuels we supply. This also addresses the performance requirements seen in the recreation and marina markets that we supply today.”

The Gevo-Mansfield alliance has three main pillars: the first two are part of a five-year contract that allows Mansfield to blend Gevo’s isobutanol for its own use and to be a distributer of Gevo’s isobutanol. The last pillar is a three-year contract, under which a Mansfield subsidiary will provide supply chain services that include logistics management, customer service support, and invoicing and billing services.

“Mansfield is an outstanding partner to help us both market and distribute our next generation biofuel product into a complex petroleum market,” says Christopher Ryan, Ph.D., President, COO, and CTO of Gevo. “They will help us manage the supply chain and logistics required to efficiently move our product to market.”

Ranked as one of the Top 100 privately held companies in America by Forbes and a multi-finalist in the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Platt’s Global Energy Awards, Mansfield Oil defines the next generation of downstream oil companies, delivering a disciplined approach to fuel services nationwide from over 900 supply terminals. Founded in 1957, the company has achieved double-digit growth for three decades. Mansfield Oil focuses on optimizing and controlling fuel-related costs for their customers with local service, nationwide.


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