Axiall Introduces Aspire™ Bio-based Vinyl Compounds

Phthalate-Free Flexible Compounds Offer Improved Performance, No Increase In Cost

Axiall Corporation (NYSE: AXLL) today announced the introduction of Aspire™ flexible vinyl compounds, the market’s first phthalate-free, bio-based compounds offering improved performance at a price that is equal to its traditional non-sustainable counterparts.

The Aspire family of compounds offers a more sustainable alternative for a variety of consumer and industrial end-use products that can benefit from a non-phthalate solution. Key sustainability credentials include:

  • Bio-Based Plasticizers – Derived from renewable resources (non-petroleum-based feedstock)
  • Organic-Based Stabilizers – Free of heavy metals
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – Passes GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and GREENGUARD Gold Children & Schools Certification
  • High Renewable Carbon Content – Meets USDA BioPreferred Program requirements with greater than 25 percent renewable content
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction – Cradle-to-gate life-cycle analysis shows lower CO2 emissions and improved environmental impact when using bio-based versus phthalate-based plasticizers (cradle-to-gate analysis measures the impact from the point of resource extraction until the finished product is ready to be shipped from the manufacturing location)

In addition to offering improvements in overall sustainability, physical property comparisons of Aspire bio-based compounds and phthalate-based compounds reveal improved performance in:

  • Low temperature properties
  • Dynamic thermal stability and color hold
  • Outdoor weatherability

“Axiall is one of the leading technology companies in the vinyl industry, and we have used our decades of experience producing engineered vinyls to develop a line of bio-based compounds that are free of phthalates and heavy metals,” said William H. Doherty, vice president-PVC Compounds. “The Aspire compounds are specifically designed to enable our customers to meet their sustainability, product performance and economic goals without compromising product quality or increasing cost.”

About Axiall
Axiall Corporation is a leading integrated chemicals and building products company. It is an international manufacturer of chlor-alkali and derivatives, chlorovinyls and aromatics products including chlorine, caustic soda, vinyl chloride monomer, chlorinated solvents, calcium hypochlorite, ethylene dichloride, muriatic acid, phosgene derivatives, polyvinyl chloride, vinyl compounds, acetone, cumene and phenol. It also manufactures vinyl-based building and home improvement products that are marketed under Royal Building Products and Exterior Portfolio brands, including window and door profiles, mouldings, siding, pipe and pipe fittings, and decking. Axiall, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has manufacturing facilities located throughout North America and in Asia to provide industry-leading materials and services to customers.


Axiall, press release, 2013-06-03.


Axiall Corporation


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