Food, feed, pharma, fuel and furfural: will financing emerge for new opportunities in seaweed?

Vietnam: A collaboration between Vietnam’s ITB and Algen Sustainables could be shortly changing lives along the Mekong Delta

In this mornings Biofuels Digest, we reported that a collaboration between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology’ Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB) and Algen Sustainables is converting seaweed into protein, fuel-blendable alcohol, and a bacterial soil product. Algen Sustainables is an international project developer based in the USA. It utilizes macro-algae and other sustainable biomass types in the production of industrial bio-products.

The project is part of a bio-economy demonstration that is also enhancing shrimp quality and yield by co-cropping naturally-occurring aquatic plants as a bio-chemical feedstock. It was funded in part by grants from the governments of Denmark and Netherlands with additional research support from labs in the USA and China — and now the project sponsors are looking for an industrial partner that can help scale up the technologies to serve the regional chemicals market.

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BiofuelsDigest, 2013-01-15.


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Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB)
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