Focus 2011: Bio-Composites – 8th Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

May 18th-19th 2011, Wesseling, Germany

Dear Experts on Hemp and Natural Fibres,

we would like to invite you to the 8th Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), on May 18th-19th, 2011 at Wesseling near Cologne, Germany:

Bio-Composites – like bio-based plastics – show a two digit growth each year. The conference will present the newest technology developments and market penetration of hemp and other natural fibres reinforced plastics.

The EIHA Conference is now established as the largest meeting of experts on industrial hemp in Europe and indeed world – wide. Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp and in other natural fibres and moreover on the applications for fibres, shivs, seeds and oil. Participants will range from cultivation consultants, primary and further processors, traders, mechanical engineers and investors to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and to international automotive companies and suppliers. The conference language will be English. We expect 150 international participants from 30 countries.

You are welcome to present your latest products, technologies or developments, book a stand and a bulletin board now for only 200 EUR (plus 19% VAT). Please contact: Mr. Dominik Vogt, phone: +49(0)2233-4814-49, email:

Preliminary programme

Overview talks

  • Mark Reinders (HempFlax BV, The Netherlands):
    HempFlax from pioneer to professional
  • Ilze Baltina (Riga Technical University, Institute of Textile Material Technologies and Design, Latvia):
    Hemp fiber properties and production in Latvia
  • Patrick de Ceuster (wervel, Belgium):
    Hemp production and transformation in Belgium
  • Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany):
    Hemp fibres for green products – an assessment of life cycle studies on hemp fibre applicationsBreeding, Cultivation and Harvesting
  • Fei-Hu Liu (Yunnan University, China):
    Nondestructive forecasting of fiber content in hemp bast
  • Prof. Ming Yang (Hemp Research Center, Institute of Industrial Crops, YAAS, China):
    Breeding and cultivation of Industrial Hemp in China
  • Gianpolo Grassi (Industrial crop research center (CIN), Italy):
    Dew retting of hemp in Italy using a new variety and an improved harvesting techniqueConstruction
  • Marc Beutnagel (MEHA Dämmstoff und Handels GmbH, Germany):
    Meha hemp insulation – the natural way to insulate!Bio-Composites
  • Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Bio-Composites
    Bernd Frank (Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH, Germany) & Lena Scholz (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany):
    Hemp pelletes for injection moulding
  • Terry Barman (Tokn Hemp Products, Ireland):
    Hemp Fibre Composites
  • Dr. Johanne Denault (IMI/CNRC, Canada):
    Fiber treatment, formulation and processing technologies for optimum performance of hemp fibre thermoplastic composites
  • Pierre Amadieu (Start hemp, France):
    Long fiber extraction for composite reinforcement and textile yarn
  • Martin Snijder (Green Gran B.V., The Netherlands):
  • Richard Hurding (Zelfo Technology, Germany):
    “Remixed and binderless” Zelfo – Natural and Recycled fibre products
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Müssig (Hochschule Bremen, Germany):
    Hemp fibres reinforced PLA from cultivation to final product
  • Kai Nebel (Reutlingen University, Germany):
    Micro and nano? – Bastfibres for industrial use? Challenges, production techniques and applicationsTextiles and Food
  • Daniel Kruse (Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG, Germany):
    Hemp textiles and food
  • Gordon Scheifele (Ontario Hemp Alliance, Canada):
    Fast, inexpensive field test for THC evaluation in the field and field evaluation for fatty acids (OMEGA 3 & 6) in Canadian Hemp Varieties

Further information
For non-members the fee for participation is 400 EUR plus 19% VAT (including lunches, snacks and dinner buffet).
EIHA members are also required to pay this fee but they will get a credit voucher of 100 EUR which will be deducted from the EIHA Membership fee for 2012. We are most grateful for the support of our sponsor Hempro GmbH & Co. KG (

Don’t miss the world’s largest event on Industrial Hemp in 2011!

We look forward to seeing you in Wesseling!

With Best Regards,
Michael Carus and Dominik Vogt, nova-Institut GmbH


nova Institut GmbH, press release, 2011-03-11.


European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
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