Explore the future of the chemical industry: a unique workshop with leading experts

The nova-Institute is offering a special event for everyone who is interested in

The remarkable ability of the chemical industry’s to innovate is facing significant challenges that stem from extensive environmental and hazard regulations, the difficulties of shifting away from fossil carbon and the critical demand for cheap renewable energy and green hydrogen. At the same time, the achievements of the chemical industry are needed more than ever to tackle the challenges of the future, such as climate change, scale-up of renewable energy, thermal insulation, batteries and many more.

What does the future hold for chemistry? A strong, innovative and sustainable chemistry is essential to achieve a net-zero and toxic-free industry by 2050. But what does a transformed chemical industry look like? What carbon sources will it be based on? Which process technologies will thrive, which will decline? How will chemistry’s relationship with society and politics evolve? What are the political perspectives in Europe and the USA?

Picture a future where chemistry is entirely based on recycling, biomass and CO2 – and free of toxic substances. On the flip side, consider a scenario where the influence of global oil stakeholders lobby hamper the transition to a defossilsed chemistry, now that the mobility sector steers toward non-fossil solutions. How might novel, cutting-edge technologies such as biotechnology and electrochemistry contribute to the transformation? Which of the alternative carbon sources will become particularly important?
Join us as eight leading international experts will offer insights into their strategic visions.

  • BASF (DE),
  • ChemSec (SE),
  • IFF (US),
  • Neste (FI)
  • nova-Institut (DE),
  • Stripe (BE),
  • Twelve (US),
  • UPM (FI).

During engaging 20-30 minute presentations, these experts will outline their perspectives, followed by 30 minutes of discussion involving all participants. Please find the detailed programme at: https://events.renewable-carbon.eu/future-of-chemical-industry/program/

Ready to be part of the biggest transition of the chemical industry since the industrial revolution? Secure your spot by registering at: https://events.renewable-carbon.eu/future-of-chemical-industry/registration/


nova-institute, press release, 2023-09-04.


IFF: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
Neste Corporation
nova-Institut GmbH
Twelve (formerly OPUS12)
UPM Corporation


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