EU in fresh row over biofuels’ ‘green’ claims

Scientists said that any carbon absorption from biofuels was being "double-counted"

A fresh row has erupted in Brussels over the environmental benefits of biofuels, with academics and EU officials at loggerhead over how to account for CO2 savings in the product’s life cycle.

A group of 19 European scientists have argued that the EU’s biofuels policy was based on a “serious accounting error” and should be changed, triggering a row with the European Commission, which defends biofuels for being “carbon neutral”.

The row began with the leaking of an opinion by the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency (EEA) last week.

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Keywords: greenhouse-gas, carbon-absorbing plants, carbon, carbon dioxide, biofuel plants

Source, 2011-09-19.


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European Environment Agency (EEA)