Domsjö Fabriker AB and Ecohelix AB have agreed to cooperate on establishing a demo scale plant for production of the hemicellulose copolymers developed and patented by Ecohelix

Demo scale plant will start next year

The parties are already cooperating on a pilot scale plant located at the Domsjö Fabriker Mill. This pilot plant has been used to verify the raw material, the process, the products and to produce sample material for potential customers. The results and the feedback from the customers are very promising. There is now a need for a larger demo scale plant. The potential customers will hence be supplied with sufficient product to do further development and verification work in their respective production scale.

Under the Agreement, the parties will:


  • Construct the demo plant, deliver it to and erect it at the Domsjö Fabriker mill.
  • Manage the operation of the demo plant to verify the raw material, process and products in larger scale.
  • Gather data for the next development step, an industrial scale production unit.

Domsjö Fabriker:

  • Supply the raw material stream to the demo plant.
  • Provide space in an existing building.
  • Supply utilities, services and support.

The Ecohelix products are hemicellulose copolymers with high amount of functional groups, excellent barrier properties and low viscosity. Typical applications include various pulp and paper chemical and cosmetics applications where the polymer´s unique properties can be utilized. Also, the polymers are highly efficient ingredients in formulations for gas and grease barriers. In many applications the Ecohelix polymers will replace fossil based products. Additional applications are under development.

The Domsjö Fabriker raw material is of high, consistent quality and available in large quantities. The wood used in the Domsjö Fabriker mill comes from sustainable forestry only and is FSC and PEFC certified. The Domsjö Fabriker Mill is TCF (totally chlorine free) and the main products are certified for supply as ingredients for food contact and pharmaceuticals.

During the development time, Ecohelix and Domsjö Fabriker have agreed to discuss the long-term cooperation setup on the technology and products.

About Ecohelix

Ecohelix AB is an independent scale up company based in Stockholm where the company runs the R&D efforts. Ecohelix has received funding from the Bio Based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking (JU) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837866. Ecohelix is a member of the BBI “Vehicle project”.


Domsjö Fabriker, press release, 2019-12-04.


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