Biorefinery concept developed by NISCluster wins award in Finnish biorefinery contest

Kemijärvi Consortium incorporates novel Finnish technology for the production of new biomaterials and biochemicals

A biorefinery created with the support of Finnish bioeconomy company NISCluster Ltd has won an award in a biofinery competition. The Kemijärvi Consortium, which was the result of concept creation and investor matchmaking undertaken by NISCluster, is one of the award-winning biorefineries in the Biorefinery competition arranged by Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The results were published on 24 February on the website at

The award-winning concept combines a new way of using wood to deliver added-value in biomaterials and biochemicals. NISCluster carried out a worldwide matchmaking process in the development of the biorefinery, drawing on expertise from Finland’s Aalto University as well as innovations taking place in the wider bio-economy and the global market for such products.

NISCluster Ltd – Novel Ideas and Solutions – is a modern bio-economy services company with an international focus. It has solid experience in the wood biomass value chains and its usage in different areas of the bio-economy – energy, chemistry, materials, and construction. The company has an extensive international network of individual experts and bio-economy companies as well as close connections with the leading academic and research institutions in the field.

NISCluster develops new creative solutions for biorefineries, where it combines expertise in both new and existing opportunities. Biorefineries focus not only on the added-value of side-streams, but also on overall production flows. The products that result from these flexible concepts are not confined to the traditional forest industries but are able to serve a variety of industry sectors. NISCluster’s network of potential international investors supports the implementation of projects and the company has a strong track record in managing the matchmaking process.

The company is available for the creation of novel biorefineries, both customised and flexible, and supports investors looking to establish a foothold in the bioeconomy.


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