Bioplastics and the search for green packaging

Bioplastics are starting to take off, driven by sustainability concerns, particularly among major brands

The global bioplastics market is expected to reach revenues of over US$2.8 billion in 2018, according to Ceresana Research, with annual growth rates averaging 17.8%. While Europe was responsible for about 48% of the market in 2010, followed by North America and the Asia-Pacific, the latter is expected to catch up quickly, with South America also predicted to see strong growth, led by large capacity additions in Brazil.

In 2010, starch-based bioplastics accounted for the bulk of demand, with polylactic acid (PLA) in second place. Other bio-based plastics, such as PHA/PHB, cellulose, PBS and fossil fuel-based biodegradable plastics represented less than 17% of global demand. Ceresana expects non-biodegradable plastics made from renewable feedstocks to increase their market share from the 8% seen in 2010 to over 48% by 2018.

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GTF, 2012-02-09.


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