Biobased economy will become successful only if it develops into a biobased society

The new ‘biobased society’-website has come online

During the past few years, we (Paul Reinshagen and Diederik van der Hoeven) have dedicated ourselves to the ‘biobased society’. We called into existence a website and blog on this subject, This website has now come online!

The ‘biobased society’ theme is an enlargement on the ‘biobased economy’ theme, beneficial to both the economy and sustainability. At the heart of the biobased economy is green chemistry, a scientific branch which develops at unprecedented speed, and which produces valuable compounds from biological matter with great precision. We hold the position, however, that the biobased economy will become successful only if it develops into a biobased society. Which means to say: a society without waste production, with milder chemical industries, with an increased regional independence and self-confidence, and with diversity among regions.

Our aim is to direct attention to the potential of this biobased society, and inspire discussions on the subject. We emphatically take a European viewpoint, and consequently designed our website bilingually, in Dutch and in English. We will also pay attention to the development of the biobased society worldwide, with special emphasis on BRICS-countries.

Our website will contain news, articles and reports, personal columns and interviews. It is a journalistic website, not merely offering stakeholders’ official points of view, but also critical comments and background information. Bloggers will not necessarily agree with each others, we would like to offer background information and comments from different points of view. The site is connected with Linkedin and Facebook groups. And we twitter (our account’s name being BiobasedPress).

An interesting item on the site is the interview with Feike Sijbesma, CEO to DSM, one of the most successful European biotechnological companies. He dwells on the importance of green chemistry, and elaborates DSM’s strategy on European and American markets. Other remarkable articles:

  • an interview with Ruud Lubbers on Rotterdam harbour’s ambitions in the biobased economy;
  • an interview with Annita Westenbroek, unofficial spokesperson for biorefinery in the Netherlands;
  • a column by the editors: ‘Long live Europe: seven trends which will carry us through the crisis’, of which trend 1 was published today.

As we are aware that our site’s theme does appeal to you, we would like to ask you to support our website. For instance: by regularly logging in to our site. We publish new items almost on a daily basis. The site is open for reactions. You can send emails, and linkedin, facebook and twitter messages, using the buttons at the bottom of articles. You might join the newly erected linkedin group ‘Biobased Society’ and participate in discussions.

In the startup of our site we received support from Alle Bruggink and Herman van Wechem, two experienced Dutch scientists and consultants. You could support us as well, by forwarding this mail to your network, adding a recommendation. You might like to contribute to the site. Or put an ad in our site. In those cases, please take up contact with us. Other feedback on this letter and on the site are welcome, too.

We would appreciate very much your cooperation! With greetings,

Paul Reinshagen,

Diederik van der Hoeven,

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Persönliche Mitteilung Paul Reinshagen vom 2012-08-24.




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